Streaming is a popular way to earn money online…get in on it.

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Whenever people ask me how they can make money online, I tell them there are myriad ways to do it. 

I start by pointing them to my website or to my articles here on Medium because I’ve written extensively about different ways to make money online (so much so that you’d think I’d run out of ideas by now).

But streaming is something I’ve yet to tackle.

Here are the top 10 ways to earn money streaming.

1. Stream on Tik Tok

Streaming on Tik Tok has become popular since the platform added tipping features, where viewers can tip you if they like your content. Many Tik Tokers make money this way, though there are numerous ways to make money on Tik Tok. 

This is probably the easiest way if you already have a following. If you don’t, look at other Tik Toks and see what’s trending. Do some research to determine what makes a Tik Tok video successful. 

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2. Stream on Twitch

Streaming on Twitch is a popular way for gamers to earn money while playing the games they love. 

Oftentimes, it involves simply playing the game while making commentary.

If you find it easy to keep people’s attention online already, you might be good at this type of streaming. 

It also helps to be pretty good at the games you’ll be playing on the live stream. Not sure if it’s a requirement, but I’m sure it’s a plus for your viewers trying to figure out the game themselves.

3. Stream on Only Fans

Only Fans has become a popular site for obvious reasons, but most people don’t know that the site isn’t just for p*rnstars and strippers. 

People share exclusive content (like music and other forms of art) on their Only Fans behind a paywall. 

You can access some of their content for free, but you have to pay to access additional content. If you’re an artist, you could use Only Fans to promote exclusive content to your audience.

4. Stream on Tagged

Tagged is an app that lets you connect with people in your area and from all over the world. It’s also got a live-streaming feature that allows people to send you tips in the form of gifts while you live stream. Those gifts can then be converted into actual money.

A lot of Tagged users report that they have to live-stream almost all day multiple days per week just to earn any real money. A lot of them stream at work or while listening to music or watching TV. It’s up to you. 

The main rule is no nudity and no children on the live streams. Therefore, you’ll have to keep it pretty PG. 

People have gotten pretty creative on the app. Some do podcast-type live-streaming sessions, some sing, some ask their followers to ask them questions. It’s up to you what you wanna do.

I found that Tagged just wasn’t worth it for me but it might work out great for you. Go try it out and see if you can earn some money.

5. Stream on YouTube

Once you’ve joined the YouTube Partner Program, you can earn money from ads that play during your live stream. 

To become a YouTube Partner, you’ll have to have at least 1,000 subscribers and have accumulated at least 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel in the last year. 

Just make sure to stream advertiser-friendly content and make sure you’re following all the rules, policies, and procedures of YouTube and the ad partners.

6. Stream on Instagram

While there are a ton of other ways to make money with Instagram, such as brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, using Live Badges, selling merch, and linking to your personal e-commerce store, blog, or vlog. 

According to Hoote Suite, the average influencer makes $2,970 per month. Micro-influencers earn an average of $1,420 per month.

But Instagram’s Live Badges is another way to make money directly through Instagram. While you’re live streaming, your audience can buy badges (about $0.99 to $4.99) to support you and your content creation efforts. 

Go to Instagram and turn on Live Badges by going to your profile and clicking Professional Dashboard. Then, you can enable monetization.

7. Stream on Facebook

Facebook live streaming is something a lot of creators use to reach their audiences and get “stars,” their version of tips.

In addition, people can subscribe to your page and get updates whenever you post new content or go live. They can subscribe for a monthly fee or for your free content. 

Create exclusive content for your paying audience on Facebook and you could make money by posting content and streaming.

In what ways have you made money (or considered making money) streaming?

Which platforms have you been most successful with? 

Let me know in the comments.

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