I thought I’d do at least one post to show you guys all the things I’m currently doing to make money in addition to taking care of my son, just to give a snapshot for you (and for me) as to how I’m making it without a real job. Well, here goes:

1. I’m a freelance copywriter for Copify.

2. I’m a substitute teacher during the school year. (Update: I’m no longer substitute teaching as of 2019).

3. I’m a writer and editor for a site called Zerys.

4. I’m working on starting a freelance copywriting business writing white papers.

5. I’m working on two product launches (an eBook and a website). (Update: I’ve written three ebooks, two of them published on Amazon Kindle: Content Marketing Plan Workbook and The Ultimate Guide to Using Blogging to Boost Engagement and Drive Sales).

6. I’m working on starting a few blogs so I can monetize them and earn a full time living (but I’m focusing on only two right now: this one and a marketing blog).

7. I’m working on becoming a writer for BlogMutt. My application has passed 5 out of the 6 screening tests. So all I really need to do is write the test blog post and I’m in! (UPDATE: I’m currently writing for Blog Mutt (and they changed their name to Verblio)! However, I don’t think they’re currently accepting new writers at the moment.)

8. I’m now a writer for Writer Access (as of February 2018).

9. As of June 2018, I’m a Lyft driver.

10. As soon as my background check clears, I’ll be a shopper for InstaCart (UPDATE: I’m an InstaCart Personal Shopper!).

11. As of 2018, I write for Clear Voice (my largest source of income) creating content like articles, blog posts, infographic copy, email newsletters, social media posts, and more.

Here are some of the things I’ve gotten into but haven’t really seen great results (which doesn’t mean that you can’t):

1. I’m a Chegg tutor (still haven’t gotten a tutee!)

2. I take surveys online for money (not much money at all–I mainly do this because I need to feel like I’m earning money constantly or else I’ll get nagged to death; so when I’m putting my son to sleep or doing something in which I can’t really work on my blog, businesses or make any kind of income, I do surveys. Might sound silly, but I’ve actually made a little bit of extra cash this way. After all, time is money.) (Update: I no longer do the survey thing).

3. I write for a few writing sites like Crowd Content, Constant-Content, Textbroker.com, and Scripted.com with no pay as of yet. [UPDATE: I’ve made a bit of money on Crowd Content].

4. I started an Etsy shop and I sell digital downloads for creative freelancers, but I haven’t really dedicated as much time as I should to it (i.e., marketing it and creating new products). But my sister makes over $3K a month doing it part-time. Her shop is called IAMVISONARY and she’s made over 1,000 sales!

Your economic security does not lie in your jobl it lies in your own power to produce – to think, to learn, to create, to adapt. That’s true financial independence. It’s not having wealth; it’s having the power to produce wealth.Stephen Covey

How You Can Get Started

Start with doing something that comes naturally to you. For me, that thing is writing. So, naturally, I write whatever and whenever I can, whether it’s for others or for my own personal passion projects, like this blog and my ebooks.

the life of a freelancer; what do freelancers do? what is a freelancer's day like?

Find the thing that you love doing — something that can actually make you money.

These days, you can get paid for doing a lot of things that, just a decade ago, might’ve been unheard of.

For example, becoming an influencer and getting paid to post or getting paid to play video games on Twitch.

Be creative and get started in any way you can. Do whatever it is you have to do to make your dream of becoming financially free a reality.

I know I am.

Because I know my reasons why and those reasons are stronger than my fear of failure.

Find out what your reasons are and work toward your goal every day.

Use the ideas above for inspiration and check out my article on 25 Ways to Make Money from Online.


Founder at The Ultimate Freelance Guide and author of The Ultimate Guide to Using Blogging to Boost Engagement and Drive Sales and Copywriting vs. Content Marketing: A Guide to Understanding the Difference Between the Two and Using Both for Maximum Engagement. Her work has been featured at USA Today and Small Biz Daily and she's written for clients like Columbia, LifeLock, eSurance, Anthem Health, USAA, Rev.com, Princess Cruises, and Rodan + Fields, among others.

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