About Shanea & UFG

Started in 2017, The Ultimate Freelance Guide (formerly The Ultimate Freelancer) is a site dedicated to freelancing and side gigging.

My goal is to provide you with resources to aid you on your journey through the freelance lifestyle. So, if you’re averse to the dreaded 9 to 5 rat race, and you need a breath of fresh air in the form of potential opportunities to lead you into the lap of luxury (a.k.a. financial freedom), you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Shanea Patterson, the founder of The Ultimate Freelance Guide, and I think most people I know would call me the ultimate freelancer – and for good reason. I’ve tried so many jobs, gigs, and business opportunities/side hustles that it’s almost too many to count. From medical transcription and video captioning to freelance writing and editing…and from flipping houses and selling insurance to cleaning at a nursing home and trying to invest in the stock market…and the list goes on. I could continue, but that would probably fill up a whole book!

(Speaking of books, I’ve written a few that might help you get to where you want to be financially.)

Since childhood, I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit, often selling things door to door and finding any opportunity I could to make an extra dollar. This site is the adult version of that (haha!). Except, now I have real responsibilities (and I’m sure you do, too), and so I need to make real money. This site will hopefully help you avoid the same pitfalls as I did during my journey to finding my perfect side gigs and income sources. And my journey’s just beginning.

Learn with me, grow with me, and let’s share what we learn along the way. My success is your success, so I hope that the information I provide here really does help you get another step closer to your ideal freelance lifestyle (whether it’s just having an extra hundred dollars to supplement your income every month or you actually want to create a full-time income freelancing ). Best of luck!

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