Make money while having fun and allowing others to do the same…

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I’m a strong believer that making extra money should be fun. While I know that that can’t always be the case, it can be at least sometimes.

And hosting events can be a fun way to make some money in your spare time and enjoy yourself all in the same breath.

Life’s what you make it, right?

So, why not make it fun for yourself?

Here are 10 ideas for events you can host to make some extra cash.

1. Host a Community Game Night

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Host a game night at your local community center or college. Invite the entire community to come and either ask for donations or require a small fee for entrance.

That way, you can cover your costs and make a profit.

You can have game stations where people can play different board games, like Scrabble, Uno, Pictionary, Scattegories, etc.

You could also host an adult-only game night where you play adult-themed games, such as Midnight Taboo.

2. Hold a Business Info Seminar

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If you’re an expert in a certain subject, you could make money hosting business seminars, teaching people what you know.

Even if you’re not an expert, you can get experts to come speak (oftentimes, for a fee). But if you price the tickets to the seminar appropriately (and you’re not paying a whole lot for the venue or speakers), you can make a decent profit from an event like this.

Partner with other business owners in your community and see who’s willing to help out.

3. Host a Community Family Feud

Do you watch the popular game show Family Feud? Well, why not make a local version where people participate for a small fee.

You can also host the show locally and sell tickets. Not many people would have the opportunity to attend a taping of an actual show. This is the next best thing.

Just make sure to put your all into it if you want to make money from it continuously. You don’t want people to trash it the first night and then your reputation is ruined.

4. Host a Local Comedy Show

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Good comedy shows are usually fewer and far between in smaller towns.

A lot of people have to go into bigger cities, like NYC, to see a comedy show.

Why not put on one of your own and recruit local, up-and-coming comedians?

Vet them and see which ones would be best for your show by holding auditions beforehand.

Then, look for an appropriate venue for your comedy show. You want a venue that can hold as many people as possible. Because when it comes time to sell tickets to the show, you’ll want to ensure you not only cover your expenses, but make a profit.

The number of tickets you sell (as well as the price) has a direct effect on how much you can potentially earn. So think about that beforehand.

5. Host a Seasonal Holiday Community Party

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People are literally always looking for something to do and you can be the one to provide the entertainment.

Charge a small entrance fee or have paid activities and make it free.

You can also charge vendors to participate in the event.

Be creative and try to think of things nobody has before or put a new spin on an old idea to really get people excited about your party.

Then, start promoting it a few months in advance so people can plan in advance.

You could also activity vendors (like a photo booth operator) and charge them money to participate.

6. Host a Small Book Fair

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Book fairs are popular in bigger cities like NYC, but even if you don’t live in a metropolitan area, you can still host a book fair that people could actually enjoy.

Think about whether you want to host a book fair for children or adults, then plan accordingly.

Charge a small fee for authors and vendors to participate. You’ll want to have food and beverage vendors to make it more like a fair.

7. Vegan Food Festival

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Food festivals can be a great way to introduce new restaurants into the community or just let the community know what’s out there.

You could organize a vegan food festival in your area. There’s already one in the NYC area, but you could do your own version.

But make sure to check out the level of interest in your area for that kind of thing before throwing yourself into planning mode.

Then, start thinking about how you’ll reach out to vendors and organize the event.

8. Music Festival

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Host a music festival and allow local artists to perform to get some exposure. You can also have food and drink vendors pay a fee to participate.

While it doesn’t have to be Coachella, a small to medium-sized music festival in your community could be fun. Especially if you do it block party style.

You could also have a paid raffle and charge $1 or $2 for the ticket.

What’d you think? Any ideas worth exploring? What events have you thrown in the past? Let me know in the comments.

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