Waiting is an inevitable part of life; make it worthwhile.

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As human beings, we spend a lot of time waiting around. Waiting for the bus, waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting in line at the bank, waiting in traffic.

It’s a sad but universally accepted truth.

No matter what we do, at some point in life, we’re gonna have to wait. (Sometimes years for some of the best things we want in life)

But if you find yourself just waiting throughout your day on more than one occasion, why not earn money (or gift cards or even life insurance) while you wait?

Here are five ways to do it.

1. Earn free life insurance with Avibra.

Avibra is the app that allows you to earn up to $15,000 in free life insurance. No strings.

All you have to do is watch videos and learn about social causes, such as LGBT issues, economic issues, and racism.

So far, I’ve earned $1,200 of free life insurance and they automatically gave me $10,000 in A&D insurance.

You can earn life insurance in several ways using Avibra:

  • Watch well-being videos
  • Read top 10 tip articles
  • Listen to relaxation music
  • Do guided meditation
  • Life lessons videos
  • Listen to thoughtfulness audio
  • Do yoga videos
  • Practice gratitude
  • Quizzes (which are pretty fun)
  • Brain teasers
  • Learning about disaster prep
  • Watch social impact videos

Another great thing about this app is that you can help families and other families can help you earn more life insurance.

You can also purchase additional life insurance coverage if you need it right through the app, which is probably how they’re able to offer free life insurance.

Go download the Avibra app and start earning life insurance today.

2. Earn Gift Cards for Learning About Finance (And Other Topics)

Wanna earn gift cards for doing something you might already be thinking about doing anyway?

Why not improve your life next time you’re waiting somewhere?

Just sign up and start earning. It’s that simple.

Download the Zogo app and start earning money while you wait.

The only caveat is that you won’t earn a ton of money doing this. It’s just a way to earn money while you wait so you can make that time productive.

So far, I earned an Amazon gift card for $5 and I just signed up. Not much, but it’s $5 more than I had before, right? And I’m chock full of financial knowledge now.

And it takes your attention off of the actual waiting. Win-win-win.

3. Read Books for Money

What better time to make money while you read while you wait? If you’re an avid reader, you’ll love this one.

There are a few sites that pay you to read books.

If you can read a book in one evening, this side hustle is for you. Sign up on sites like OnlineBookClub and Reedsy.

Although, with Reedsy, you’ll have to have some experience. Not a ton, though. All I did was send them a link to a few reviews I’d written: one was for a college textbook and two were for novels.

4. Get Paid to Wait in Line for Someone Else’s Tickets

You might’ve read that you can get paid to stand in line for someone else to buy tickets to practically anything.

Broadway, the Opera, basketball games, concerts, new cell phones — you name it and you can make money standing in line to get it.

Sign up to stand in line and wait for tickets on sites like InLine4You.com or Task Rabbit.

Read up on what it takes to be a Professional Line Stander before you do it.

5. Make Money Playing Games While You Wait

It might sound like another online scam, but getting paid to play games is actually something you can do to earn money these days.

It might sound completely unbelievable — I didn’t believe it either.

But there are a few games you can play to earn money (even if you’re not waiting around somewhere).

However, just like the other entries on this list, don’t expect to make a full-time income doing this. You can make a decent side gig out of it if you do it enough, but you should definitely aim to have other income sources.

Look at this as supplemental.

6. Write an Article or Story

Writing an article is a great way to pass the time if you’re a writer or blogger.

Whip out your phone (or pen and notebook if you’re old school) and start writing.

You could even bring your laptop everywhere you go so you can always use any waiting time you have to get some work done on your next blog post.

Writing a Medium or HubPages article means you’ll get paid for reads and views.

So, technically, writing an article while you wait is making you money (whether now or in the future).

7. Get Paid to Walk (Or Walk in Place)

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Believe it or not, there are apps that pay you to walk. (Yeah, these days, you can get paid to do pretty much anything — granted, it won’t be a whole lot.)

But an app called Sweatcoin allows you to make money based on the number of steps you take in a day.

And okay, this might be cheating, but if you gotta wait, you might as well work out and get paid at the same time.

You can also try Miles, Step Bet, and Evidation, among others.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Let me know in the comments.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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