Because you’re going to fail…it’s inevitable…

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I recently posted to my Facebook Stories a video of Spanx founder, Sara Blakely, talking about the way her father helped reframe the way she thought about failures growing up, often asking her, “What did you fail at this week?”

Watch the video here:

If you can reframe the way you think about failure, it shouldn’t be hard to turn your failures into successes.

The trick is that you have to learn something from your failures and learn how to do better next time.

You might’ve heard the phrase that you’ve got to fail your way to success.

Here are five ways to turn your failures into successes.

1. Stop Thinking About Failure as a Sign of Defeat

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Literally everyone fails at something, oftentimes multiple times in their lives.

Use your failures as an opportunity to learn and get better. No one knows 100 percent how to do something when they start. 

We’re all just fumbling around in the dark until we get it right one day.

And when we do, we’ll be glad we didn’t let one or two failures defeat us. 

So start reframing your failures and you’ll start to see them a lot differently, which will pave the way for success.

2. Remember That Most People Won’t Remember (or Even Know About) Most of Your Failures

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A lot of failures happen behind the scenes, but even if it doesn’t, most people aren’t going to remember them.

Look at Michael Jordan. Just guess how many game-winning shots he missed? 26!

But people remember the nine times he made the game-winning shots.

Guess how many games he lost? Over 300!

But he won over 700.

And when he lost, he didn’t go sulking in the locker room about how he missed those shots. He used them to get better and make nine game-winning shots throughout his career. 

And literally no one ever brings up those shots he missed. (Except haters, of course)

Most people only remember him for the great things he accomplished.

3. Learn Something From It

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One of the best ways to turn your failures into successes is to learn what you did wrong so that the next time you do it, you’ll do it a little better.

You may even get it right on the second try. Or the third. Or the fourth.

The point is, you’re learning something every time you fail at it.

You know what not to do.

And you can refine your approach every single time, getting better and better results as you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

4. Highlight Them & Learn to Laugh At Yourself

This might sound silly, but highlighting your failures can be a funny and stress-relieving way to acknowledge them and then let them go.

I recently took a screenshoot of an ad by an author that came across my timeline on Facebook.

I did so because it was hilarious and also highlighted his so-called “failure.”

Here it is.

And this is an actual ad. I’ve never seen anything like it and if I was into the genre, I’d definitely check out the book off this ad alone. 

It’s refreshing to see him turn a bad review into something to laugh about. Most authors would let it get to them, really let it get them down.

But he handles it in a hilarious way that most likely got him some more book sales. Kudos Jaime Castle!

5. Know That You’re Destined to Get What You Want Only When It’s Your Time

Believe it or not, we’re not all supposed to be successful by the age of 30 with houses and cars and families and fancy careers.

If everyone followed that path, life would be pretty boring. You’d meet the same person over and over again everywhere you go.

Life is meant to be messy, you’re meant to fail over and over again so you can learn, grow, and experience different things.

All of these things are meant to build your character, mold you and shape you into the person you’re meant to become.

If you didn’t fail, and you didn’t have to wait and learn and grow, it wouldn’t be worth it. You wouldn’t appreciate it as much. 

You have to know failure (and sometimes lack) to truly appreciate the things you desire.

So, in the meantime, learn as much as you can. You can’t level up to the next stage of life as the same person you are now. You have to be willing to constantly learn and grow. 

Learn about yourself, learn what makes you happy. Do the things that bring you joy. And one day you’ll look up and you won’t even recognize yourself (for the better).

Did this help change the way you think about failure? In what ways have you learned to turn your failures into successes?

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