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Being able to express yourself creatively is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have on earth. It fills us with joy and allows us to give the world a little piece of ourselves through our art, in whatever form that might be.

If you’re looking for ways to be creative and express yourself at the same time, here are 10 more ways you can make money from your creativity.

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1. Make Specialty Dolls

I just watched a video on Facebook of a guy who makes dolls, and recently made a Halle Bailey Little Mermaid doll.

If you can make specialty dolls like this, you could sell them for a pretty decent amount of money.

2. Make Specialty Candles

While watching one of my guilty pleasure TV shows, Real Housewives of Potomac, I saw that not one but two of the cast members were considering releasing candle lines.

But Wendy’s candles stood out when compared to Karen’s candles because they’re not like any other candles you can get elsewhere. They not only showcase her Nigerian background, but some of them are named for her mother and other loved ones.

I especially like the added touch of luxury with the gold tops and accents. It’s cute and it’s unique.

Come up with an idea that’s unique and personal to you. That way, you can ensure your candle is one of a kind, unique to you.

Set up an Etsy shop and sell them on Etsy.

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3. Design Cell Phone Cases

If you can draw or you dabble in graphic design, you could make money designing cell phone cases and selling them online.

I recently bought a cell phone case on Amazon that was drawn by an up-and-coming artist.

You could do the same thing and start selling your cases anywhere they’re sold online — Amazon, Etsy, etc.

Figure out your niche and start creating beautiful, unique cell phone cases people can’t get anywhere else.

4. Come Up with a Practical Invention

This might take some time, but it could be worth it if you’re the first person that comes up with an invention that completely transforms the way we do things in our everyday life.

You can probably think of a few that have already been invented.

Try to think up common challenges that people always talk about on social media, in your friend groups, or even in your family.

Think about something people are always complaining about that they wish was easier to do.

Come up with a practical solution and you could make decent money by either selling the idea to a company, or by producing it yourself.

5. Create Your Own Notebook Line

Composition notebooks of the 90s were so plain and boring. They usually came in black (with the exception of a few colors like red, green, blue and purple).

These days, there are so many more cute designs filling up the marketplace.

If you have some creative designs you think people might like, consider creating an SVG file and selling it on Etsy.

Or using it to create your own notebooks on Canva or Crello.

6. Design Specialty Wall Art

Tik Tok has been complicit in the discovery of a lot of talent, especially artists. There so many artists showcasing their work on the app and a lot of it is actually really good.

If you’re an artist, start designing some wall art. Go search Tik Tok for wall art and you’ll find some pretty amazing artists.

Here are a few I found:

7. Create Halloween Decorations or Accessories

People really go all out when it comes to Halloween. The displays are almost as huge and equally ridiculous as the Christmas displays that can be seen from space.

But that’s good news for creatives like you and me.

If you’re good with costume design or even creating props out of everyday objects, you could make money selling this stuff every year.

You could sell your stuff online and promote it on social media.

Every time someone makes a purchase, ask them if they can send you a picture to add to your social media page.

8. Pillows and Pillow Cases

People want their pillows to pop these days, especially women. We love cute things in every form, especially when it makes us look or feel better about ourselves or our space.

Writing this reminds me of an Insecure episode where Lawrence asks Issa about what happened to the Frank Ocean pillow that they had on the couch.

Issa lies and says it’s missing, but when Lawrence doesn’t buy that, she admits she spilled something on it.

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Because it didn’t exactly come easy for Issa… Insecure is a goldmine for success tips…if you’re paying attention…

Use your creativity and think up something unique that no one else is doing yet. Or you could take something someone else is doing and put your spin on it. Like Andy Warhol.

9. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are big right now and I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

And it turns out, they’re not all that hard to make. You can look up a video on YouTube and make a variety of colors and shapes.

Take a few pointers from people already doing this (if you can find them), and put your own spin on it.

Then, sell your bath bombs right on Etsy.

10. Seed Bombs

If you’re not familiar with gardening, you might be wondering what the heck is a seed bomb?

A seed bomb is a small cluster packed with wildflower seeds and they’re used to bring greenery and colorful pollinator habitats to urban landscapes or neglected areas, according to Botanical Paperworks.

They look something like this:

But you can make them colorful or tie dye or come up with unique packaging that draws people in.

Once you know what you’re gonna do, you can sell these on your own e-commerce website, Amazon, or Etsy.

Will you be trying any of these ideas? Or have you tried any in the past? Let me know in the comments.


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